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BREAKING: Former U.S. Congressman Pete Hoekstra to take the lead as chairperson for the Michigan GOP

After months of fighting in what many members of the Michigan GOP have labeled as failed leadership and chaos from Kristina Karamo, the Michigan GOP

John Richards John Richards
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Almont Township rescinds ALL noise ordinances, approves live streaming all future meetings in response to pressure from residents

Click the YouTube link at the bottom of article to watch meeting. ALMONT TOWNSHIP – With a historic turnout of

Scott McMahan Scott McMahan

County wide Broadband may not be what officials originally thought

LAPEER - Lapeer County Board of Commissioners voted down a broad band resolution at their October 26th meeting.  The resolution was

John Richards John Richards

Michigan GOP leaders send letter asking chairwoman Karamo to step down

LANSING - Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman, Kristian Karamo, is finding herself at odds with many of her district party leaders. 

Liz Preston Liz Preston

Project Brotherhood Resolve to host FREE Thanksgiving Dinner to local Veterans

LAPEER - Project Brotherhood Resolve of Lapeer, is having a FREE Veterans Thanksgiving dinner for all Veterans and families on Saturday

Local Local

Public concerns still brew with Lapeer District Library over sexually explicit books targeting kids that promote “sexy feelings” and transgenderism

WARNING: This article contains material that may not be appropriate for children. Readers are cautioned to exercise discretion. LAPEER, MI

Scott McMahan Scott McMahan